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Scottish Fairies

Erskine Road, Gullane

Scottish Fairies are a range of delightful, handcrafted fairy mobiles available in more than 40 different characters. We also have English, Irish and Welsh Fairies and a host of other fairies too - from Birthday Fairies and Tooth Fairies to Halloween Fairies and Christmas Fairies. We have fairies with wands, fairies with crystals and fairies with flowers. We even have fairies with fairy babies!

Heures d’ouverture

For a list of events at which we will be selling our fairies, please visit our website and click on our events page.



Scottish Fairies

Ainsdale Workshops
Erskine Road
EH31 2DF
Fon: 01620 842 772
Site web:


Please see our website for the events at which we will be selling our range of fairies.

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